Importance of having a father

The importance of having a father can only be justified by those who aren't lucky enough to experience this beautiful love.To cherish and get adored.And just like every other girl I also faced a number of different problems from the society.But it was my dad who had been always been there to shut the haters.I loved playing basketball and everytime he would go abroad he would bring me the best socks for basketball. But he never even bought a pair of the best walking sandals for him.I wish I could upload a selfie with you right now and write long essays on how much I miss you. But you've been long gone now since way before selfies were even a thing. I wish you knew just how much it kills me to see selfies of my friends on Facebook with their dads on their birthdays almost every single day.

Don't even get me started on Father's Days. I avoid all sorts of social media on those particular days. It literally rips me apart from the inside out. I wish I could take one proper photo with you now.But hey dad, can you believe my friends are gonna be off to BMA next year? And the last time you saw me, I only just started learning how to write with a pen and not pencils in the 5th grade. Time really does fly. This one time a friend of mine said he wants to be a Field Marshal some day. And I wanted to tell you about it but just as soon as realization hit me, it instantly stung.

Oh how I wish I could tell you dad.Mum had all your clothes laid out under the sun in the balcony when we first moved to our new home. I took the cuffs of your black and white checkered shirt and inhaled them. Your scent still lingers on your shirts. I hugged mum so very tight and cried my eyes out as I did, right before I had to go off to my chemistry coaching. I still remember that day you landed home from London wearing that same shirt and how I jumped up on you and hugged you so tight as soon as you got out of the aircraft tunnel. I was just a little taller than your waist back then and now the top of my head will probably reach the height of your ears. I wish I could hug you now without you having to bend down to my height.It's past 11pm now and I was just imagining you walking around the house with tired bloodshot eyes, locking all the doors and windows, switching off all the lights and fans right before going to bed, with both your arms behind your back. I miss following your slow footsteps as you did that, mimicking your movements and giggling while you used to smile at my childishness. I wish you still did that.


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